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by Josiah Vazquez

If I could choose one superpower, I wouldn’t choose one at all. I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t want that in my life. With powers, my entire life would have to change. If I became a superhero, then I would be burdened with having to…

by Tanesha Nixel

I had the chance to be able to interview David Ewalt, Henry Lu, and Carly Fisher. It was in New York and I was in a journalism class. They shared some really interesting facts about themselves and Henry gave us advice on how to start a school…

by Jimmy Afolabi

This year, the 826NYC Post was supported by 4 wonderful volunteers with backgrounds in journalism: Carly Fisher, David Ewalt, and Henry Lu. They shared their career wisdom with the class, and student Jimmy Afolabi reports back.

Today, people who work in the journalism field came to speak…

by James Dereskewicz

My favorite place in my community that I would like to be spotlighted on the news is the Brooklyn Strategist. I would like this because my favorite hobby is at this place and also the community around and at the Strategist is very nice (it’s in Cobble…

by Arav McIntyre

Fort Greene Park is the heart of Brooklyn. It is a vital component of a loving and warm community. On summer days, the sunlight shines on the vibrant green grass. In the winter, the rolling hills on the park provide children a chance.

Grand Army Plaza by Josiah Vazquez

Grand Army Plaza is the best place in Park Slope in my opinion. It has the biggest library I’ve ever seen, and it is attached to Prospect Park, which I always run in. Grand Army is a great place to be in on holidays because the Christmas tree is really beautiful and big, and the whole place is decorated.

by Vaughn McDonagh

A small bakery named Bread Alone is in Upstate New York. I write about this specific bakery because it is one of the only local bakeries in Woodstock, New York, and one of the best. They are located at 3962 NY-28, Boiceville, NY 12412 They sell many baked goods including…

by Ayana Alamgir, age 9

The dancers are waves

crashing for freedom

in a big coconut island

so that no one is silenced.

Their dumpling dress

with bright and colorful skirts,

but that won’t fight

for what really hurts.

And that, my ladies and gentlemen,

is called a star.

“Star Poem” was written in response to Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations,” Ailey’s exploration of grief and joy through African-American spirituals, sermons, gospel, and blues.

by Lucia McDonagh

CHIPS. When I say CHIPS, you might think of the crispy, crunchy delight, but I think of the institute. 13 short blocks away from my home, something amazing is happening. This place is feeding hundreds of people who live on the harsh streets of the city. They cook home-cooked meals…

About Vaughn McDonagh by Lucia McDonagh

Vaughan McDonagh is an 11-year-old boy who has many hobbies, and interests. A few hobbies are playing basketball and watching star wars. Though he likes basketball the most, he also plays many other sports. He plays Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Hockey, and he skis. Though he loves being active and…

by Josiah Vazquez

Josiah Vazquez

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives. Everyone has to wear masks (unless they get vaccinated) and staying at home used to be enforced. Even though we can be kind of normal and go back to what we did before the pandemic, I know about a lot of adults and kids who…


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