A Bird in Bloom

1 min readMar 8, 2021


by Rocelin Jimenez

An eagle in the sky

soaring to heights too ambitious for her

learned to fly as a late bloomer, but worked to catch up

She has a hunger for improvement

She’s a beast ready to devour her prey

and ready to combat challenges in her way

She won’t let anyone take what’s hers

She has goals

and a passion worth fighting for

never fazed by the put-downs of others, she works twice as hard

She will fly to the sun

and then to the moon

until she makes it into the stars

“A Bird in Bloom” was published in Much More Than a Thought. Written by the students from the High School for Fashion Industries, Much More Than a Thought are a collection of poems, letters, short stories, journal entries, and more on living in New York City in 2020. Click HERE to download your digital copy!

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