Brooklyn’s Best

3 min readMay 20, 2021

By Ava Deceus

You may have never been to Prospect Park, or even heard of it but I assure you that if you’re ever visiting New York that should be a stop on your trip. I should know: I live right across the street. There is so much to see.

In winter, the snow in the park is like a soft wooly blanket fresh out of the washing machine. Everyone you bring can enjoy the cold but fun weather, and even if you did not come in time for snow you could rent some skates at Lakeside. If you are having trouble you can sign up for a free skating class.

In spring, the delicate fragrance of newly blooming flowers fills the air. The park greenery is at its best and the many flowers are as colorful as a rainbow stretched across a large green carpet. But don’t worry if you are not in the mood for an evening picnic, you can make a stop at the park’s very own roller skating rink.

In summer, the park is like a sun-dried sanctuary of lakes and trees surrounded by the busy New York City. Children play games and ride bikes as grownups talk and enjoy the beautiful park. If you are feeling too hot, you could go down to the splash pad to cool off or make reservations to take a relaxing boat ride in one of the paddle boats that they have there.

In fall, the green leaves turn colorful and fall gently to the ground in an assortment of colors. But don’t forget to bring your sweater, you can tell it’s not summer anymore. If you want some exercise, you can rent a bike and do a lap or two on the track that surrounds the park.

This park is near a nice neighborhood called Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The land used to be owned by the Lefferts family back in plantation times, but the development of the city caused the land to be cut out of it and eventually turned into a park, with only the preserved Lefferts House remaining. You can do tours there on specific days in the summer.

There are many places around the park that can be fun to go to as well, like taking a stroll down Flatbush and trying to choose between all the different restaurants with all different types of delicious foods. If you are more interested in museums and culture, you can check out the Brooklyn Museum. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there for First Saturday, which is a super big party held at the beginning of every month. There are a lot of things to choose from.

So if you’re ever in Brooklyn and need something to do, come to one of Brooklyn’s best — Prospect Park.

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