Grammy’s House

3 min readAug 28, 2020

By Zahra K Bryan

First, the place that I feel safe and can be myself is my grammy’s house.

When you first walk in my grammy’s house you see paintings and gentle glass. When I’m there the first thing I go to is her bed. Her bed is so smooth I go into my own dimension. I also like how sometimes my cousin comes I have fun with him and I like how her back yard is like a fun game. She has a really big yard and a long pool just for me. Just standing there makes me feel like magic and I love how everything about her house is so magical to me. Her house is a dream and I always feel like I’m walking on air and she always has nice cats in her yard and I have fun with them.

I love how her house will have everything you need like an emergency kit and a bed. I have my own bed ’cause I go there and have sleepovers and sometimes I will stay there for days and days. She also has a piano that I like to practice on and I love that she will do everything for me and she likes to.

My grammy is like her house: peaceful, kind, pretty, and always looking after you. You will never get hurt at my grammy’s house it is like a safe zone. I can treat it like my home, well, because it is another one of my homes and I like that home the most.

At my grammy’s house, I can always be free of rules and people controlling me. At grammy’s house, I can actually relax and just rest and not worry about anything and just go with it. My grammy’s house is special with special memories. There is nothing like grammy’s house it was and is one of a kind and it will always be special to me because of everything I love about that house and I will always love that house.

Something you don’t know about my grammy’s house is that she lived in it for years and it still looks great and she has all my favorite foods in her shelf top and I get to paint and hang up my painting when I’m by her. I sometimes bring my friends over to her house because her house is so perfect. I love everything about her house that’s why we try to go there every day.

We all love it at my grammy’s house. I can do anything at grammy’s, even go on important zoom calls. She has everything I need there. I wish I could be there every second of every day and I love how she painted her house light purple because that’s my favorite color. I also love how I know everyone in the neighborhood so well and I just love grammy’s house.

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