How to Feel Happy for Other People

2 min readApr 9, 2021

by Bird Rzepniewski, age 10

Feeling happy for other people has always come naturally to me. My big brother strives to be the best person he can, which I admire. I got better at being happy for other people mainly because my big brother and I are always getting the next new thing, but my big brother is a lot richer and has better skill levels and stats in the game Hypixel Skyblock. I put together this guide for people like my little brother who haven’t yet mastered the skill of feeling happy for other people like I have.

Step 1: Don’t hate on them when they get something good. For example, if your sibling or friend gets a very good weapon in Minecraft, congratulate them or ask for a smaller share of the profit that would be made from selling the weapon.

Step 2: If someone has exciting news, be there to listen to them and congratulate them. For example, if your teacher gets a new job, you could tell them you are sad to see them go, but glad they have a new job.

Step 3: Other people’s successes are not your failures!

Step 4: If you get something that you know your friend or sibling wants, know your audience — it’s okay to flex on people sometimes but not always (maybe only if they are your best friend).

Step 5: If you find something you really like, share it with other people.

Step 6: If everything above feels too difficult for you, you can start by getting a laptop. Then buy Minecraft Java edition for thirty dollars. Once you have done that, load up Minecraft, hit “multiplayer,” and create a new server with the IP address “” Then left click once, and left click the little earth in your menu. If multiple people do these steps together, you will get used to working with other people and feeling happy when they get things that you didn’t.

Step 6.5: If you don’t know anything about this game, look up “Hypixel Skyblock Minecraft tutorial.”