Pizza Falling From the Sky

2 min readMar 24, 2020


By Jason Rivers, Age 10

One morning, John woke up and it was a normal day. John turned on the television and he put on the news. The reporter said it was going to rain pizza. When John heard the reporter, he said, “Wow, it’s going to rain pizza! Wow, it’s going to be a nice day out.” But he thought again and he said, “It’s raining pizza!” John got up and ran to the door and saw SO MUCH PIZZA!

But his mom said he had to wait for her and when they went outside all the pizza was on the ground and his mom said, “Don’t eat off the floor, it’s dirty!” He went back inside and went back to sleep. There was no school because of the weather.

When John went to sleep he had a dream that it was going to rain hot dogs. When John woke up he turned on the TV to see if the pizza rain was going to happen again, but sadly, no. But then something happened that was even better. It was raining burgers! But when he called his mom again, the same thing happened again and again. John went back to sleep but the TV woke him up with breaking news. John popped out of his bed, and looked out of the window, and called his dad to ask to go outside. But his dad was not home. His mom heard him and responded, “No! You cannot go outside!” John asked a million times, but his mom kept saying no. John was angry because it was raining his favorite foods, but his mom thought he was overreacting. “There’s a lot of food inside, you don’t need to go out there,” she screamed. He was traumatized. Forever.

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