The Most Joyful Place on Earth

By Dylan S., 5th grade

In my opinion, the most joyful place on Earth is probably in our home with my family. I think that because when you are spending time with your family, you get a sense of comfort and joy. You are spending time with people you know and love. But my dream of the most joyful place on Earth would be a place where money grew on trees, lots of valuable items such as diamonds and gold can be found in pebbles and rocks. A world where coronavirus and global warming don’t exist. In my most joyful place, everyone will get along. There is no such thing as evil or bullying in my most joyful place.

“The Most Joyful Place on Earth” appears in 826NYC’s You Might Can’t Come Back: P.S. 316’s Guide to the Universe. P.S. 316’s 5–8th-grade students share their favorite places in this collection of argumentative essays spanning the United States, Caribbean, and the Milky Way. Grab your physical or digital copy HERE.



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