When Trees Burn Down

3 min readJun 17, 2020

By Erik Bagnall

When you look at news reports, there is always something about climate change. The Arctic melting, polar vortexes, and tons more. You may think that the situation is hopeless, but there is something we can do. Though the Amazon has lost many miles of land (+7,200 square miles, to be exact), we can redeem ourselves. With the help of new inventions with astonishing powers, and better laws to help prevent further fires and protect forests, we may be able to keep this planet a green one, and not a greenhouse one.

Inventions from around the world have been making their way to the Amazon, California, and Australia. One of the most popular inventions is a robot firefighter named Thermite 3.0. The thermite is a small yellow tank, long and maneuverable, with cannons that shoot out high-velocity jets of water in any given direction. Since the first one was created, thousands were made to help the firefighters in the Amazon. Some might say that this act is not good for the environment and that it will cost too much. But I say that Thermite 3.0 robots do not cost very much and shipping them is better for the environment than letting the Amazon burn down. Other inventions have been helping, too, like small capsules that explode water at a target. A great invention for use in the Amazon — and in a water balloon fight. According to www.roboticfirefighters.com, people are using Thermite 3.0 robots to fight large fires across the nation and are now using them to shoot tons of water at the Amazon from amazing distances.

Though some people say that it doesn’t matter if the Amazon burns down, I say differently. I agree that it is okay for old trees in the forest to be removed so that newer trees can grow, and that old branches falling won’t create hazardous situations for animals. But this giant fire is not only burning dead trees, but also the adult and young trees too. Not to mention, many animals have also been harmed by the forest fire too. To stop this, we need to see how this happened in the first place, but it doesn’t take a detective to find out.

Forest fires can happen for numerous reasons and I think such acts should be banned for the creatures’ safety. For instance, people out camping may not be watching their campfire, and then leave it smoking and burning unsupervised. The fire could spread if a burning log falls and hits the grass, and you know what happens from there. The fire could spread after the logs give out all their fuel. In most campfires, there is a grate so that these accidents won’t happen. But embers can escape from the grate and catch fire to a blade of grass, and you know what happens from there. Most fires start with a more commonly used artifact: cigars. People, after using a cigarette, throw it out or in most cases, drop it and leave it. There are usually embers inside the ash. If that ember escapes, it could catch on to something, starting a large fire. An easy solution is not to use cigars and if you do, remember to stomp it out! People love fireworks, but they can be dangerous. The fire in California started when someone set off a firework near a forest, and then there was a fire. I believe that the government can rid all of the cities of cigarettes and make sure that all fireworks are supervised.

I am very close to animals, and seeing them in such terror makes me sad, so I wish to find a way to change it. I wrote this report so that someone who can help make a big change will see my feelings about this and try to help. But for now, all I want you to do is to not use cigarettes!

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