by Ayana Alamgir, age 9

The dancers are waves

crashing for freedom

in a big coconut island

so that no one is silenced.

Their dumpling dress

with bright and colorful skirts,

but that won’t fight

for what really hurts.

And that, my ladies and gentlemen,

is called a star.

“Star Poem” was written in response to Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations,” Ailey’s exploration of grief and joy through African-American spirituals, sermons, gospel, and blues.

by Lucia McDonagh

CHIPS. When I say CHIPS, you might think of the crispy, crunchy delight, but I think of the institute. 13 short blocks away from my home, something amazing is happening. This place is feeding hundreds of people who live on the harsh streets of the city. They cook home-cooked meals for the homeless, and once a month have haircut days, where the homeless can go to CHIPS, get their meal, and a haircut. Not to mention it’s all FREE! …

About Vaughn McDonagh by Lucia McDonagh

Vaughan McDonagh is an 11 year old boy who has many hobbies, and interests. A few hobbies are playing basketball, and watching star wars. Though he likes basketball the most, he also plays many other sports. He plays Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Hockey, and he Skis. Though he loves being active, and playing sports, he also has other interests. One of those interests is in music. He has been playing piano since he was 5, and is an excellent drummer, who plays drums for his school band. His favorite type of music is rap, and his favorite song is the…

by Josiah Vazquez

Josiah Vazquez

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives. Everyone has to wear masks (unless they get vaccinated) and staying at home used to be enforced. Even though we can be kind of normal and go back to what we did before the pandemic, I know about a lot of adults and kids who took quarantine to the next level. There are a lot of kids in my school that does remote learning. There’s nothing wrong with remote learning, it’s just that a lot of kids that do remote learning barely go outside anymore. Some of the kids in my school haven’t left home…

by Finn Bache

In Park Slope the place that I live, There is a restaurant called “Pasta Louise” that I think does not get enough attention within the community because it is a really good restaurant and not only does it do pasta it does meatballs as well. If you don’t like the menu, don’t worry! Their menu is constantly changing so you can always find something you like. It is a locally-owned business and the owner named the shop after her sister which I find super inspiring.

A look into Peppinos Pizzeria and their scrumptious Pizza!

by Indiana Fischer

Hi, my name is Indiana Fischer and I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I am writing today because I want to highlight a place in the neighborhood of Park Slope that I believe doesn’t get as much credit as it should. The place is Peppinos, a pizza place between 11th and 10th street on 5th Ave. And if you’re looking for great pizza when in the area this is the place to go. Although I don’t live in Park Slope I was introduced to Peppinos when our local pizza place closed down and we had to venture, and…

by Arav McIntyre

Fort Greene Park is the heart of Brooklyn. It is a vital component of a loving and warm community. On summer days, the sunlight shines on the vibrant green grass. In the winter, the rolling hills on the park provide children a chance to sled down the hill. The land itself has a rich history. It was a key location in the Battle of Brooklyn, during the American Revolution, It served as a base for rebel forces, and General Washington even stayed there for a time. On the top of the hill, there is a towing monument…

By Ava Deceus

You may have never been to Prospect Park, or even heard of it but I assure you that if you’re ever visiting New York that should be a stop on your trip. I should know: I live right across the street. There is so much to see.

In winter, the snow in the park is like a soft wooly blanket fresh out of the washing machine. Everyone you bring can enjoy the cold but fun weather, and even if you did not come in time for snow you could rent some skates at Lakeside. …

By Nyo Kai Keenan Gathing

It’s a magical place for people of all ages. It has the most fun and exciting rides in the whole world. There is the Cyclone, a fast deep-diving ride. A spinning teacups ride, enjoyable for younger kids, and one with spinning airplanes. One with a spinning circle takes you from one side of a smiley face to the other. And one turns you upside down and around and around like a clock that was sped up.

Not a ride person? I’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you would be interested in playing arcade games and carnival…

By Dylan S., 5th grade

In my opinion, the most joyful place on Earth is probably in our home with my family. I think that because when you are spending time with your family, you get a sense of comfort and joy. You are spending time with people you know and love. But my dream of the most joyful place on Earth would be a place where money grew on trees, lots of valuable items such as diamonds and gold can be found in pebbles and rocks. A world where coronavirus and global warming don’t exist. In my most joyful…


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