by Arav McIntyre

Fort Greene Park is the heart of Brooklyn. It is a vital component of a loving and warm community. On summer days, the sunlight shines on the vibrant green grass. In the winter, the rolling hills on the park provide children a chance.

Grand Army Plaza by Josiah Vazquez

Grand Army Plaza is the best place in Park Slope in my opinion. It has the biggest library I’ve ever seen, and it is attached to Prospect Park, which I always run in. Grand Army is a great place to be in on holidays because the Christmas tree is really beautiful and big, and the whole place is decorated.

by Ayana Alamgir, age 9

The dancers are waves

crashing for freedom

in a big coconut island

so that no one is silenced.

Their dumpling dress

with bright and colorful skirts,

but that won’t fight

for what really hurts.

And that, my ladies and gentlemen,

is called a star.

“Star Poem” was written in response to Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations,” Ailey’s exploration of grief and joy through African-American spirituals, sermons, gospel, and blues.


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